Smart Contracts Evolved.
Use & create interoperable applications on Juno. A decentralized, public, permission-less network for cross-chain smart contracts.
Interoperable Smart Contracts - Home of CosmWasm
Juno is the permissionless neutral home of CosmWasm interoperable smart contracts and the InterWasm DAO. The ecosystem is pioneering CosmWasm development and adoption.

Juno as a layer 1 smart contract network solves the first generation smart contract bottlenecks which are limited scalability, high cost for deployment and execution and offers an easy environment for developers across the globe to deploy scalable, secure decentralized applications efficiently.

CosmWasm, enables WebAssembly (WASM) virtual machines (VMs). WebAssembly allows for software written in many languages to run securely on a blockchain. WASM serves as an intermediate language that compiles the developer’s language of choice into a portable virtual machine. This means that you can have a simple, secure and fast virtual machine set up to sandbox or partition your application’s actions for better testing, security, performance and speed.
Built on the Cosmos SDK ensures high throughput and fast contract execution
Low cost deployment up to 35000 times cheaper than gen 2 blockchain networks
Deployment on Juno and interoperable with all networks in the cosmos ecosystem via IBC
Smart Contracts
Smart Contracts
Code & deploy your contracts in multiple languages via the powerful CosmWasm Contract framework
Grass Roots Initiative
Built by $ATOM holders and 100% distributed to staked atom holders. Juno is a decentralized effort to provide a sister hub to the Cosmos Hub. Primary purpose being to offload smart contract load to a designated zone while at the same time bringing utility back to the Hub. Atom holders have great incentive to ensure a fruitfull collaborative environment with the Cosmos Hub & eventually supplement security on Juno via Cosmos Hub shared security (Validator set).


Decentralized Main-net launch, October 1st 2021 (Completed)

Cosmostation wallet & Mintscan native integration (Completed)

JunoScan Explorer (Completed)

Sif Omni DEX integration (Completed)

Gravity DEX / Emeris integration (Completed)

Keplr native integration (In- Progress)

UNI- Moneta testnet (In- Progress)

Moneta Main-net upgrade

JunoSwap launch

JunoMint launch

Gravity DEX pool opening V.2

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